What Is All This Crap??

Hello Guys, You all would be wondering wat is all this crap. Why I m trying to waste your time in seeing this. See what i think of earning money is this. I have had a lot of research on this. Many say it does'nt works or it takes a lot of time but that is'nt true at all instances.Yeah i agree

it takes some time but think of this guys what if we just invest some of our leisure time in building these up and after some months we do nothing and earn some pennies with them.I don't say we would get rich or something like dat but yeah we can easily have a sufficient amount to spend. Technology is growing day by day and to make the best use of it is what i think..


The Legit List & The Spam List

U can see these segments in each of the menu-options

These lists comprises of sites that actually pay and the next one is of sites that are here just to spam us. i made this so that you all don't get confused where to invest your time and where not to.These 2 lists will contain of all the possible legit and spam sites which are online till date.


Who Am I

Hmmmm This is quite a tough Question.

Just Look at me and u will probably understand who i am.


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